The Quest for the Golden Fish (1985)

The Quest for the Golden Fish (1985)
Fiction for adults
Sixty-Eight Publishers

Twenty-five-year-old Leos partly loses his memory following a serious road accident. This memory loss makes him a stranger in his own life. Little by little he tries to recover recent events from his life, but often he isn’t able to do this in a fully adequate way. The novel, whose narrator is Leos, arouses strong emotions. This is Prochazkova’s first novel for adults.


Published by Sixty-Eight Publishers, Toronto, 1985

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Born 1953 in Olomouc, Czechoslovakia. Has lived and worked in Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic   1972 Graduation from Neruda Grammar School in Prague. Not allowed to enrol at…

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  The Summer Wears Donkey´s Ears * The book was on the 1985 List of Best German Children´s Books; it was also awarded The Prize of the Czech Publisher Albatros 1996. The Season of…