The Summer Wears Donkey´s Ears (1984)

The Summer Wears Donkey´s Ears (1984)
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Eleven-year-old countryboy Dusan inherits a donkey from his grandfather. Dusan´s mother, a nurse who is particular about things such as cleanliness, order and a trim garden doesn´t want the donkey in her household. Her decision is firm: “The donkey has to go!” Fortunately, Dusan meets Johanna, a girl from Prague. Johanna is full of ideas. Both children spend a lot of time together and go through many adventures to find a good home for the old donkey. Their ideas are zany sometimes, in particular the one of painting the donkey white in order to make him look more attractive for a fair. In the end they manage to get the donkey to Dusan´s father who doesn´t live with his family. He travels with a circus and takes the old donkey. Finally the animal is safe and also Dusan´s complicated relationship with his father is resolved.

Der Sommer hat Eselsohren – German – Beltz und Gelberg 1984
Červenec má oslí uši – Czech – Albatros 1995
Ages 11 up
The book was on the 1985 List of Best German Childrens´Books; it was also awarded the prize of the Albatros publishing house in Prague.

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Born 1953 in Olomouc, Czechoslovakia. Has lived and worked in Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic   1972 Graduation from Neruda Grammar School in Prague. Not allowed to enrol at…

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  The Summer Wears Donkey´s Ears * The book was on the 1985 List of Best German Children´s Books; it was also awarded The Prize of the Czech Publisher Albatros 1996. The Season of…