The Pension at the Crossroads (1991)

The Pension at the Crossroads (1991)
Fiction for adults

A collection of stories
This is not strictly a collection of short stories. Rather it is a sort of trilogy with a common theme. The characters in this trilogy are not closely linked, they merely coexist. But even without having met each other they still have the same experience in their lives. Emmigration is a phenomenon of which I formerly knew only from other people´s stories, but somehow it also became part of my life. As the picture of how I viewed the outside world, the new world, the world in which I was now living changed so changed my relationship with my old homeland. Nowadays, wherever one goes one meets people with their homes “packed in a suitcase”, in their pockets, in their hearts. Some drag it behind them like heavy chains. Others will sing or cry about their old homelands. The nations are moving – again. In this process everybody loses and gains something. This is the common theme of this rather short trilogy.


Abstract from the epilogue
Czech edition – Melantrich, 1991

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Born 1953 in Olomouc, Czechoslovakia. Has lived and worked in Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic   1972 Graduation from Neruda Grammar School in Prague. Not allowed to enrol at…

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